• Role → UI Design, UX Research, Packaging Design
  • Tool → Figma, Rhino
Furio is the one place to organize pet’s health records, medical data, feeding instructions. And reminders for everything that needs to be taken care of. It is for new pet owners who are concerned about pets’ health conditions and want to organize the medical record or other information in one place.
Problems ↘︎
"Only about 50% clients know their pets basic information"
"This is my first time taking care of cat. I feel inconvenienced when visiting the vet. I will miss the medication time when I'm busy."
"I don’t have any experience in taking care of pet. I wish someone can tell me what to do."
Solutions ↘︎
Be able to save file
Be able to remind users of any actions they need to take
Be able to track pet’s data
Be able to provide recommendation based on the pet’s data
Features ↘︎
01. Landing

The landing page prompts users to input their pet's details and medical history, enabling the app to devise a custom care routine.

I chose diverse color schemes for each section, adding a personal touch to keep the experience lively and engaging.
02. Saving Medical Files

Users can now store all their pet's health documents in one organized place.

To enhance this functionality, I've incorporated different colored backgrounds for each record, making it not only efficient but also visually appealing.
03. Adding Reminder

Users can create personalized to-do lists or let the system generate reminders based on their routine, offering flexibility in managing pet care tasks efficiently.
04. Connecting with Smart Devices

The app connects with smart devices, delivering live data to users and minimizing manual input. This feature is particularly useful for monitoring pet weight, as the system can provide advice if a pet is over or under the ideal weight range.
Products ↘︎
Furio integrates with smart scales and smart food bowls. These devices send data to the app, enabling users to easily review it on their phones and receive tailored advice for their pet's health and diet.
Posters ↘︎
For the project's branding posters, I infused the theme of the human-pet bond using the app's color scheme. This approach unifies the app's features with the emotional connection between pets and owners, creating a cohesive and visually engaging series.
Loading Animation ↘︎
Takeaway ↘︎
This app's design was inspired by my experience caring for my friend's cat, a time when I realized the need for such a tool. As both the designer and an user with no prior experience, I crafted this app to meet my own needs. This project sparked my love for UI/UX design, teaching me the intricacies of developing an app from scratch. It was a journey of personal and professional growth, where I learned to transform an idea into a functional and user-friendly application.
Interviews ↘
Interview with professional & pet owner/new to pet, to identify their pain points.
Competitors ↘
Doing competitors research to find the opportunity.
Persona ↘
Create persona and day-in-life for user targeting and building empathy, while also uncovering opportunities for user interaction within the system.
MoSCoW chart ↘
The MoSCoW chart helps me quickly identify what's essential and what's less critical in a project, streamlining prioritization and decision-making.
Flow Diagram ↘
Posture Studies ↘
Sketches for low-fi interface ↘
User Scenario ↘︎
User Flow ↘︎
Design System ↘︎
The scenario ↘︎