• Role → UI Design, UX Design
  • Tool → Figma
Tailored for swimming enthusiasts, Hane is a bespoke swimming workout app that operates seamlessly on mobile devices and smartwatches. With the assistance of AI technology, the app provides customized workout courses, ensuring that each user's unique needs are catered to, enhancing their overall swimming experience.
Problem ↘︎
Don't know where to find coach.
Don't know how to improve
swimming skills.
Don't know how far have been swam.
The swimming workout is boring.
Solution ↘︎
How might we...
Help users take control of and manage their own learning?
Personalized System

Hane creates personalized training plans tailored to each user's specific needs, ensuring they get the most out of their swimming workouts.
The Tracker

It resolves swimmers' uncertainty about distance covered, measuring key metrics and offering easy access via a smartwatch interface for instant insights.
The Coach

It connects users with expert coaches online. This addition was particularly important during the pandemic when many swimming pools were closed, ensuring users still had access to professional guidance for their workouts.
How might we...
Gamify the boring workout process?
The Reward System

Hane's rewards system boosts motivation by celebrating achievements, keeping users engaged and committed to their swimming progress and success.
The Shop

Hane provides workout tools and a shopping platform for swim gear and skincare, enhancing the swim experience and protecting skin, ensuring a comprehensive swimming journey.
Takeaway ↘︎
I designed this swimming app inspired by my own passion for swimming, a hobby I shared with my dad, swimming together three times a week. This personal connection fueled my project, and through my initial experience with User Testing, I've learned the importance of aligning design with real user needs, making the project not just a professional endeavor but a personal one as well.
Secondary Research ↘︎
Interviews ↘︎
I interviewed both expert swimmers and beginners to understand their needs and pain points. This approach helped me cater to a wide range of abilities, ensuring the app is useful and accessible for all skill levels.
Competitors ↘︎
In researching competitors for my swimming app, I reviewed what was available, gaining insights into areas for improvement and how to better meet user needs.
Persona ↘︎
I created a persona and conducted two 'user journey' studies for him - one capturing his general daily routine and another focused on his workout routine. This approach gave me a holistic view of his lifestyle and needs, guiding me to design an app that integrates smoothly into both his everyday life and his exercise regimen.
Sitemap ↘︎
User Testing ↘︎
I conducted user testing with several participants to refine my interface, making adjustments based on their feedback and experiences.
Design system ↘︎