• Role → Rebranding, Web Design
  • Tool → Adobe Creative Suite
In this project, I reimagined the Museum of the Moving Image's identity, focusing on the theme of connectivity. This concept is visually translated through patterns that link and intertwine, enhanced by a vivid RGBY color palette. The design aims to reflect the Museum's unique position as a nexus where diverse stories from film, television, and digital media intersect, highlighting its role in connecting different cultures, historical eras, and technological advancements in the realm of moving images.
Posters ↘︎
The posters highlights connecting patterns and the basic colors of digital screens – Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow – embodying the dynamic and interconnected world of moving images.
Stationery ↘︎
The stationery set complements the overall design theme with its use of vibrant colors and patterns, maintaining visual consistency and enhancing the project's thematic expression.
Environment ↘︎
The environmental design demonstrates how these design choices can be effectively translated into a physical space, creating a cohesive and engaging experience.
Digital Design ↘︎
The website and mobile app feature the project's RGBY color scheme and connecting patterns, designed to provide a consistent and user-friendly digital experience.