• Role → Brand Identity, Web Design, Generative Design
  • Tool → Adobe Creative Suite, Processing
  • Recognition→ MUSE Creative Awards: Gold, International Design Awards 2023: Gold
The Museum at FIT is a specialized fashion museum that fulfills the educational mission of the college and university by promoting original research, creative thinking, and lifelong learning.

The conceptual rebranding of MFIT draws inspiration from traditional clothing button patterns and techniques, reimagining them as a versatile and interchangeable geometric motif. The brand identity incorporates a visual modular system that infuses the museum with a dynamic and youthful aesthetic.
The process of creating patterns ↘︎
The patterns utilized across the brand identity are generated using Processing and are based on the simple components of circles and crosses, allowing me to generate more than hundreds of unique patterns which mirrors the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the fashion industry.
Posters ↘︎
I utilized my logo's two ascending and descending circles as the basis for my modular system
and implemented a similar structure in my poster design.
Booklet ↘︎
The booklet presents the museum's activities, past exhibition layouts, and spotlights my favored fashion designer, Wanbing Huang. Divider pages showcase the identity pattern, reinforcing the visual language.
Stationery ↘︎
The stationery collection blends the signature colors and typography, establishing a cohesive brand experience.
Collateral materials ↘︎
Collateral materials include a postcard, membership card, and ticket. The patterned postcard represents the museum's identity, while the image postcard promotes specific events and exhibitions.
Website ↘︎
On the home page, users can interact with the logo, introducing an engaging dimension to the brand experience.
Environment ↘︎
A digital billboard updates the display pattern daily.